Лепшых універсітэтаў, каледжаў і бізнес-школ у

На гэтай старонцы вы можаце шукаць для універсітэтаў, каледжаў і бізнес-школ у . Вы зможаце лёгка знайсці ўсю інфармацыю аб высокі рэйтынг універсітэтаў у . Націсніце на "Больш падрабязна " для падрабязнага апісання універсітэта і агляд даследаванняў прапанаваных праграм.

Знайсці універсітэтах ў і праглядаць іх праграм, каб знайсці тое, што падыходзіць вам лепш за ўсё. Атрымаць усю інфармацыю аб розных варыянтах даследаванні ў і параўнаць кошт навучання і працягласць навучання. Вы можаце зэканоміць час і кантактных універсітэтамі наўпрост: запоўніць "Запыт бясплатнай інфармацыі " форму, якая паставіць вас у кантакт з прыёмнай камісіі.

Пачаць пошук для вашага будучага адукацыі прама зараз!

289 Вынікі ў Іспанія

IED Grados España

Іспанія Madrid September 2019

El IED Madrid es un Centro Superior de Diseño que pertenece al Grupo IED, un network internacional que nace en Italia en 1966 y que hoy cuenta con 11 sedes entre Italia, España y Brasil. Nuestra experiencia de más de 20 años se ha traducido en un modelo académico innovador y único que forma profesionales del diseño capaces de adaptarse a una sociedad en constante cambio.

The University of Law Postgraduate Programmes

Велікабрытанія London Birmingham Bristol Chester Exeter Guildford Leeds Manchester UK Online Іспанія Madrid Reading Аўстрыя Vienna Liverpool Nottingham August 2019 + 12 more

The University of Law is the UK's longest-established specialist provider of legal education and training in the UK, with campuses in London, Birmingham, Bristol, Chester, Guildford, Manchester and Leeds, as well as collaborations with The University of Exeter and The University of Reading. Previously The College of Law, it was granted university status in November 2012.

Three Points Digital Business School

Іспанія Spain Online September 2019

No hay elección: las nuevas tecnologías ya no son un mero valor añadido, sino que se han convertido en la única vía para lograr la competitividad y la continuidad de las empresas. Una tendencia que no sólo está operando grandes cambios en el seno de organizaciones, sino también en la sociedad del conocimiento en su conjunto.

IMB School

Іспанія Barcelona September 2019

Situada en Barcelona (España), IMB School (International Music Business School) es la primera escuela exclusivamente dedicada al negocio de la música. Su compromiso es profesionalizar el talento y conectarlo con el sector de la música para que lidere su futuro.

EF Gap Year

Японія Tokyo Іспанія Madrid Marbella Barcelona Італія Rome Германія Berlin Munich Кітай Beijing Францыя Paris Nice April 2019 + 11 more

See the world, experience a new culture, and make friends from around the world as you prepare for your global future. EF's fun and interactive classes help you learn faster while living the language first hand.

Schellhammer Business School

1-year MBA Іспанія Marbella September 2019

Schellhammer Business School (SBS) is the first British accredited international Business School in southern Spain offering undergraduate and postgraduate programs based on Swiss quality education standards taught exclusively in English. SBS is also the only to offer high quality on campus accommodation to a student body of over 54 nationalities.

CESCOMPOL - Centro de Estudios Superiores de Comunicación y Marketing Político

Іспанія Madrid September 2019

El Centro de Estudios Superiores de Comunicación y Marketing Político es una institución privada dedicada a la formación, investigación y asesoramiento en los distintos ámbitos vinculados con el ejercicio de la política. Con sede en Madrid, el centro desarrolla su actividad en el territorio nacional y en diferentes países de Latinoamérica.

OSTELEA | Distancia

Іспанія Madrid Barcelona Spain Online September 2019

Nuestra misión es contribuir al desarrollo social, económico y cultural de forma sostenible de la industria, a través de la formación de directivos, profesionales del sector. Estamos comprometidos con la innovación e impulsamos el vínculo entre empresas del sector y Ostelea para nutrir al mercado de nuevas soluciones.

EAE | Programas Distancia

Іспанія Spain Online September 2019

EAE Business School, consciente de esta nueva realidad, apostó en el año 2007 por incluir en sus programas las metodologías formativas de Distancia Online y Semipresencial Blended. De este modo sus alumnos pueden beneficiarse de las muchas ventajas que ofrece el hecho de poder estudiar a distancia:

LaBasad - Barcelona School of Arts & Design

Іспанія Barcelona Spain Online September 2019

Labasad, Online Superior School of Art and Design of Barcelona, ​​is a reference of international online training specialized in design and art, with the aim of training professionals developing their creativity and innovation.

GBSB Global Business School -International

Іспанія Barcelona Madrid September 2019

For future business leaders to succeed in this world of extraordinary challenges it will require new kinds of management skills and capabilities. At GBSB Global we are committed to providing our students with more exposure to global trends and cross cultural proficiency, to developing the capacity to communicate with people of different backgrounds, and the ability to feel at home everywhere in the world.

Geneva Business School Barcelona Campus

MBA Іспанія Barcelona September 2019

Geneva Business School is an innovative school providing Swiss Quality Education through a global campus network. By studying at GBS you will be giving yourself the opportunity to propel your career to new heights. This will be possible by means of our applied approach to learning and the fact that a large part of your learning will be online. So, your learning can be flexible, you can study whenever and wherever you want. In addition our faculty are all professionally active,… [+] dedicated to giving you the time and attention you need to be successful. The complete list of benefits are outlined on the right; as you can see there are numerous advantages open to you when you decide to join us! [-]

Harbour Space

Іспанія Barcelona September 2019

Harbour.Space is an innovative private university that combines technology and design, taught by industry leaders from around the world. The university is located in Barcelona, Spain.

Instituto Europeo de Posgrado - España

Іспанія Madrid Spain Online September 2019

Based in Spain, the Instituto Europeo de Posgrado is a Business School that offers a wide range of Online MBA and Masters designed to meet the requirements of its students. Over 1 million hours of classes are given each year through its on-line platform to students from different countries by teachers of the most prestigious Universities and Business Schools. The On-line Campus allows both teachers and students to...

University of San Francisco - School of Management

MBA Part time MBA Злучаныя Штаты Амерыкі San Francisco Іспанія Barcelona San Jose Тайвань Taipei September 2019 + 4 more

Be a leader. Build productive and compassionate organizations. Be a force for positive change in the world.

FDModa - LCI Barcelona

Іспанія Barcelona September 2019

Our objective is none other than to channel the capabilities, aspirations and talent of each one of our students so they can be trained as excellent professionals, students only need dedication, enthusiasm and effort in order to occupy key positions in design firms.

Instituto Europeo de Posgrado

Іспанія Madrid Spain Online September 2019

The  Instituto Europeo de Posgrado  Business School is a founding member of the  Spanish Association of Business Schools (AEEN)  and an associate member of the  International Commision on Distance Education (ICODE).

OBS Business School

Іспанія Barcelona Madrid September 2019

OBS Business School nace en 2006 como la primera escuela de negocios 100% online en lengua española. Se funda en el entorno del Grupo Planeta, líder mundial en la publicación de contenidos para el mercado de habla hispana y con un importante know-how en e-learning, con la colaboración del partner estratégico:

Geneva Business School (GBS)

MBA Швейцарыя Geneva Іспанія Barcelona Madrid February 2019 + 1 more

Geneva Business School (GBS) is a leading institution that provides cutting-edge Swiss Quality Education. Taught in numerous campuses around the world, including major European cities such as Geneva and Barcelona. Our innovative methodology means students are taught in small and focused classrooms by carefully chosen faculty members, all of whom are top level professionals, dedicated to guiding them on their journey to becoming future business leaders.

LM Marti Education

Іспанія Getxo September 2019

Learn Spanish with us in the North of Spain while surfing and doing other activities!!

University of Navarra

Іспанія Pamplona September 2019

The University of Navarra is based on the Christian inspiration promoted by St. Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer, the founder of Opus Dei. Its mission is to seek and present the truth; contribute to the academic, cultural and personal education of its students; promote academic research and healthcare activities; provide suitable opportunities for the development of its professors and employees, and carry out broad cultural outreach and social promotion work with a clear goal of service.

Galicia Business School

EMBA MBA Іспанія Vigo Santiago de Compostela September 2019

En Galicia Business School sabemos que una Escuela de negocios no es un edificio ni una propiedad. Una Business School es ante todo una COMUNIDAD. Por eso Galicia Business School nace con un centenar de profesionales del máximo nivel en Galicia y España. Profesionales que juntos atesoran 2.000 años de experiencia que volcar a los participantes en sus programas.

Deusto Business School

Іспанія Bilbao San Sebastián Madrid Spain Online Францыя Paris September 2019 + 2 more

Deusto Business School is celebrating its centenary anniversary this year, so this is an excellent opportunity to look back on its history. Not many business schools have been able to celebrate such an important date and it is worth taking a few moments to remember the people and institutions that have made it possible.

Academia Guiu

Іспанія Barcelona September 2019

Nuestra academia cuenta con 120 años de experiencia, por lo que podemos garantizarte que obtendrás los resultados esperados si aportas predisposición. ¡No lo dudes más y consigue una plaza en la Universidad Española que quieras!

Formato Educativo

EMBA MBA Іспанія Madrid Spain Online September 2019

Formato Educativo desarrolla una doble actividad en el campo de la formación superior: Imparte Masters Ejecutivos y desarrolla Soluciones e-learning

Sports Management School - Barcelona

Іспанія Barcelona September 2019

Sports Management School es una escuela internacional especializada en Gestión del Deporte, ubicada en París, Lausanne y Barcelona, centrada exclusivamente en la gestión deportiva. Esto nos confiere una vasta experiencia en todos los ámbitos vinculados con este mundo y, en particular, el comercio y la distribución, el marketing, la comunicación, la organización de eventos deportivos, etc. Nuestro objetivo es formar a jóvenes profesionales y directivos del deporte. Desde n… [+] uestra creación en 2010, Sports Management School cuenta ya con 300 alumnos de Grado y Posgrado y con más de 100 titulados, con un índice de integración del 90% en empresas del sector tras la obtención del diploma. [-]

ESIC Business & Marketing School

EMBA MBA Global MBA Іспанія Madrid Barcelona Valencia Seville Zaragoza Marbella A Coruña Pamplona Bilbao Granada Vigo Spain Online September 2019 + 11 more

ESIC is a group of leading business schools in Spain, with an experience of over fifty years training business and marketing professionals. We strive to incentivize, promote, and maintain a direct relationship with the business environment in order to provide you with a practical academic training which focuses on the needs of the labor market. We offer training with values, to engage successfully as a highly qualified professional with excellent command and knowledge of the latest trends.

Universidad Nebrija

Іспанія Madrid September 2019

La Universidad Nebrija mantiene desde su creación los valores diferenciadores de su modelo educativo, basados en la docencia de calidad y en la investigación como creación de conocimiento, con la formación integral en capacidades, competencias y habilidades de todos sus alumnos.

ESCP Europe

Іспанія Spain Online September 2019

Established in 1819, ESCP Europe is the oldest business school in the world. Its mission is to develop the next generation of transnational business leaders, preparing them to embrace the opportunities offered by cultural diversity.

ESEI International Business School Barcelona

Іспанія Barcelona September 2019

ESEI is a recognised International Higher Education Institution in Spain. ESEI Bachelor programmes are official qualifications awarded by top UK universities. ESEI Master programmes are private degrees awarded directly by ESEI and the Universidad Católica de Murcia (UCAM) – one of the most prestigious university institutions in Europe, with an excellent reputation in Business education.